2 litres Hot Water Bottle with Knitted Cover Offers Safe Soothing Warmth, Effective Pain Relief for Muscle Aches, Cramps, Arthritis

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Heat therapy

Think of how a hot bath helps to soothe tired, aching muscles and offers warmth and comfort that’s both relaxing and restorative.
Our hot water bottle offers the same level of comfort targeted at specific areas of the body and you can take it and use it anywhere.
Safe, versatile and easy to use, it’s a great solution to ease pain and discomfort or simply as a way to warm up when it’s chilly.

Portable comfort at your fingertips

Enjoy soothing relief from the following:
1. Aching muscles and back pain
2. Menstrual cramps
3. Winter chill
4. Cold symptoms
5. Cold therapy treatment

Easy to use

Simply use a kettle to fill with hot (not boiling) water directly into the wide bottle mouth and be careful to avoid burning yourself.
Fill to 2/3rd of the total 2-litre capacity.
Remove the excess air before you tighten the cap.
Make sure it is secure and test by turning it upside down.
Wipe any excess water that may have dripped on to the outside.
Place the knitted cover the bottle to help to retain the heat.
Enjoy soothing warmth wherever you need it. It’s quick, easy and safe.

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【Soothing warmth relief:】 Our hot water bottle with stylish knitted cover is not only great as a source of heat when it’s chilly, it offers gentle comfort through warmth for aches, pains and inflammation.
【Safe durable rubber: 】Made from safe rubber that’s safe and non-toxic, our hot water bottle will last for years. The knitted cover is pretty, adds extra insulation and helps protect you from direct heat.
【Versatile use. 】 Perfect for keeping your bed nice as toasty during the winter or on the couch watching movies. Works to ease stiff, aching, tired or inflamed muscles and helps relieve cramps and arthritis.
【Easy use. 】The bottle features a wide mouth with no-spill lip and offers a generous 2-litre capacity that needs to be filled to 2/3rds. The cap is easy to tighten and won’t leak if secured properly.
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