21 drops 15mL Headache Essential Oil Aromatherapy Concentrate – Natural, Certified Organic, Pure Therapeutic Quality 1st Press Diffusing Oil Blend for Head-Ache Aroma Therapy

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Headaches severely impacting your day? We can help with that. Our Headache Concentrate & Diffusing Oil helps relieve pain and stimulates proper blood flow to soothe and ease discomfort. A carefully selected mixture of lavender and peppermint essential oils are blended together, for an all natural remedy that will have you feeling refreshed and ready to get on with your day. For maximum effectiveness, mix a few drops into your favorite lotion, or diffuse this concentrate whenever you need it, to banish headaches or prevent them before they strike. Every ingredient used in 21 drops’ solutions is 100% natural, 1st pressed, organically grown or wild-crafted, sourced from artisan distillers, and rigorously GC-MS tested for purity and effectiveness. If you’re ready to cure what ails you, 21 drops is here to help!

FIND RELIEF – Banish soreness and discomfort with our Headache blend. A potent mixture of lavender and peppermint essential oils come together to cool and soothe the body and mind, relieving headaches and preventing them before they start.
100% PURE ESSENTIAL OILS – At 21 drops, we only use premium, 1st press oils, giving you the most concentrated and effective extraction from the plant.
CERTIFIED ORGANIC – Each ingredient in 21 drops’ carefully formulated blends is grown organically or wild-crafted, resulting in a product that is 100% natural, certified organic, and provides effective results.
EASY TO USE – Headache making it hard to focus? Simply mix this essential oil blend into lotions for topical application, or diffuse throughout your home to ease discomfort and stimulate blood flow.
DEVELOPED BY A CLINICAL AROMATHERAPIST – Cary Caster, founder of 21 Drops and Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, botanist and plant lover, has been studying essential oil therapy and blending for over 25 years. The oils in each blend are hand-picked and carefully combined for maximum synergy and effectiveness.