Zarifa USA Back Massager Shiatsu Classic Pad for Migraines and Back Pain with Heat and Deep Kneading – for Home or Car Use

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RELIEVE BACK PAIN, MUSCLE TENSION, AND HEADACHES: 4 massage nodes penetrate deep into your back to release stress, aches, tension and knots. Jade heat therapy radiates gentle warmth to sooth heal and loosen tight muscles. Shiatsu full back massage cushion improves blood flow to oxygen-starved muscles and prompts the body to release endorphins which act as natural painkillers aiding in migraine and headache relief, faster recovery of muscle spasms and soreness, and improved range of motion
EXPERIENCE DEEP RELAXATION: It’s easy for the days stresses to add up, causing the mind to race and muscles to tense. Shiatsu massage eases tight muscles and helps to release endorphins, making the body feel better, enabling restorative relaxation and helping the mind and body to maintain a healthy state. Use the portability of our shiatsu kneading massage cushion to experience a professional quality shiatsu massage wherever its convenient from the comfort of your car, office chair, or home
INVEST IN PREMIUM QUALITY Zarifa USA specializes in all things massage. Rest assured your new massager is BUILT TO LAST and covered by stringent quality control of all materials, stitching, fabric, construction and most importantly, superior motors for a true professional quality massage. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE all products are covered under warranty for repair or exchange. If there are any issues with your portable back massage cushion, simply contact us. YOUR SATISFACTION IS OUR PRIORITY
ENJOY INCREASED IMMUNITY: Every muscle and nerve in the body is interconnected in some way. When you have a sore back or tight neck, the ripple effect can travel throughout the body. Stress triggers changes in the body, increasing the likelihood of getting sick and raising the risk of serious conditions like heart disease. Our shiatsu massage chair cushion targets pressure points which manipulate and increase blood flow to all muscles of the body so it can return to a natural state of wellness
CHOOSE HOMEOPATHIC HEALING: Shiatsu massage therapy is a natural approach to dealing with health problems, treating the spiritual, mental and physical well-being simultaneously as well as a variety of health problems using a holistic approach. Using your shiatsu massage chair cushion with heat regularly can help with poor posture, joint problems, sprains, arthritis, sciatica, acute or chronic neck and back pain, sinusitis, bronchitis, sleep issues, and blood pressure irregularities