4 PCS Bunion Corrector Big Toe Spreader Cushion, Toe Separator, Bunion Guard, Diabetic Foot Care, Separate for Toes

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With the Duorui Bunion Relief Gel Protectors, you get some great benefits of two therapeutic solutions for bunion symptom relief in one comfortable, easy to use design.

Constructed with Duorui special medical-grade gel found exclusively in Duorui products, the protectors act as a toe spreader and a bunion shield concurrently.
With an insulating pad that fits between the big and second toes, the Gel Protectors instantly stop toe overlap to reduce skin irritation and cut down on the risk of infections, calluses and corns.
The shield that rests along the outside of the foot keeps your shoes from rubbing along the sensitive skin of the bunion.
When worn frequently, the Gel Protectors help to gently realign the toe for lasting improvements.

Start with wearing for 5-15 min and increase by 5 min per session until you’ll comfortably wear for 30 min or more. Allow your foot muscles enough time to adapt as you stretch them. Wear whilst relaxing in the evening as a part of your on a regular basis routine.
Wear less ceaselessly if pain gets worse, and be careful when walking with them on. Ask your physician for more specific advice if in case you have a foot condition.
Put it in warm water or chill in the refrigerator before wearing for a more soothing effect.

INSTANT BUNION RELIEF: Helps ease bunion pain by reducing friction, irritation, and pressure on bunion joint with luxuriously cushy gel design.
TOE SPREADER: Alleviates and re-aligns overlapping, crooked toes. Separates the first and second toes to quickly get rid of rubbing and discomfort.
EASY & COMFORTABLE: Just slip over the hallux toe. Fits inside shoes and is comfortable enough to wear all day. Fits either left or right foot. One size fits most.
Washable & reusable.