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What is pain? presents to you the most popular and best-selling magnetic therapy jewellery. I firmly believe that these electromagnetic products kill the pain caused by arthritis and other medical conditions. I will present the case for the use of this useful therapy as part of a wholistic approach to pain relief. There are detractors who talk about more scientific evidence. My approach is based on the understanding of human pain. What is pain?

The first indication of an unseen malady within the body is usually pain. Pain is therefore a natural early warning system. Pain can be of great benefit to the body. This agonising and unpleasant sensation afflicts all people at some time as a result of injury, disease or emotional disorder. Pain tells the body to take avoiding action against whatever is causing pain. This is usually an involuntary action as when a hand jerks away when pricked by a pin or when you touch something very hot. Pain prevents further injury.

Pain is difficult to describe even though it though the sufferer finds pain too real. Continuous and throbbing pain indicates swelling or inflammation in a restricted space. Intermittent stabbing pain results from the stretching or swelling or a tube-like part of the body like intestines. Continuous severe pain can indicate disruption of blood flow as in angina and gangrene. Burning pain is felt when heat, friction or chemicals destroy body tissues. A dull continuous pain can signal strained muscles and ligaments.

It is important to know exact spot of the pain to assist making the correct diagnosis. It is important to know that pain not always felt at the site of injury or disease. For example, pain from heart muscle damage can be felt down the left arm and fingers. This pain is called referred pain. Pain from a slipped spine disc may radiate down the leg. Referred pain from the heart is called angina and referred pain from the spine is called sciatica.

The pain threshold

Pain threshold is the point at which the pain is first felt during the painful stimulus. It roughly the same among all ordinary healthy people. What varies greatly is the pain tolerance point, when pain becomes unpleasant. Several factors other than the immediate cause of pain can influence the pain threshold. Illness, hunger, extremes of temperature and pain caused by another condition will all lower the threshold giving greater pain. For example, people with arthritis find their pain worse in seasons when temperature swings. Psychological conditions like worry, fear, anxiety, fatigue, stress, depression and insomnia all lower the pain threshold. There are other psychological factors that increase the pain threshold and ease the pain. When you believe strongly that pain will get better, it often does. Faith in your doctor or a particular treatment reduces the pain. Happiness and excitement also increase the pain threshold.

Killing pain the natural way

The body produces its own powerful painkillers. Examples are endorphins and encephalins which are proteins occurring naturally in the brain which have similar effects to those induced by strong pain killers like opiates. The body synthesises these natural painkillers from amino acids in the proteins in your diet. Other similar proteins are dopamine and stress hormones like adrenalin and noradrenaline. Their release is triggered by stress and exercise and are powerful natural pain killers as seen in sports injuries which are only felt hours after the game and the adrenaline rush has faded. Dopamine and the hormones are produced by the body from the amino acid phenylalanine. The body cannot synthesise this amino acid. It is an essential amino acid that must be provided by the diet. Examples of dietary sources are cheese, nuts, avocados, bananas, beans, herrings, sesame and pumpkin seeds, etc.

Therapies you can use when the natural painkillers fail.

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Analgesic pain therapy
Acid and Gas therapy
Heat & cold therapy
Magnetic therapy
Phyto therapy
Acupressure therapy
Massage therapy
Acupuncture therapy
Biofeedback therapy
Sleep therapy
Tai chi therapy
Meditation therapy
Transcutaneous electrical stimulation therapy
Physical therapy,
Ultrasound therapy
• etc offers a large selection of painkiller magnetic therapy jewellery

Magnetic therapy

Magnetic therapy is an alternative medical practice that uses static (i.e. unmoving) magnets to alleviate pain and other health concerns. So-called therapeutic magnets are typically integrated into bracelets, rings, or shoe inserts, though therapeutic magnetic mattresses and clothing are also on the market. Use of magnetic therapy was validated in a 1997 study from Baylor College of Medicine, titled “Response of pain to static magnetic fields in postpolio patients: a double-blind pilot study.” This study, led by Carlos Vallbona, reported “significant and prompt relief of pain in postpolio subjects” through the use of a 300-500 gauss magnet (about 10 times stronger than a refrigerator magnet) for 45 minutes on the affected area of 50 patients in pain.

The most commonly used therapeutic magnets measure 400 to 800 gauss (one of the units in which magnet strength is expressed). The static magnets used in magnetic therapy devices come in two different polarity arrangements. The magnets are either unipolar, which means they have north on one side and south on the other, or they are alternating-pole, which means they are made from a sheet of magnetic material with north and south magnets arranged in an alternating pattern.

Most popular and best-selling magnetic therapy jewellery

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Accents Kingdom Women’s Magnetic Bracelet White Tuchi Simulated Pearl Bracelet for Arthritis and Carpal Tunnel, 7.5″
“El Dorado” Hypo Allergenic Powerful Titanium Magnetic Bracelet With Negative Ion Producing Germanium. (8.5 inch)

Wrist bands

Anti EMF, FDA Approved Performance Wristband, 1800 Ions, 2 Magnets, improves strength, concentration and sleep through Tourmaline, Germanium and Farinfrared Frequency- BLUE


RainSo Elegant Crystal Copper Magnetic Therapy Necklace for Women Pain Relief for Arthritis Adjustable
Accents Kingdom Women’s Magnetic Hematite Simulated Pearl Necklace
HiTreasure Mens Women Gold Titanium Steel 4 Elements Magnetic Therapy Link Chain Necklace Bracelet Set for Arthritis Headaches Pain Relief (Imported,3500 Gauss Each Link)
Silver Pure Titanium Magnetic Therapy Chain Germanium Necklace for Neck Arthritis Headaches Anti-Radiation


Elegant Womens Copper Magnetic Therapy Anklet Arthritis Pain Relief & Inflammation Reduction for Feet and Ankles
Elegant Copper Magnetic Therapy Anklet for Men and Women Arthritis Pain Relief & Inflammation Reduction for Feet and Ankles

Waist wraps

Extra Strength Magnetic Therapy Back & Waist Wrap Belt, 48 High Power Magnets for Lower Back and Hip Pain Relief (Regular, 40″ Length)

Ear rings

ThinkMax Magnetic Earrings Magnet Health Moxibustion Magnetic Acupressure Massage Ear Clip Earrings Down to Suppress Appetite 10 offers a large selection of painkiller magnetic therapy jewellery 

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